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Election Observation 2019 – Gateway

Election Observation 2019 - Gateway

There are just a few days before college students meet their digital vote on who they need to be the leader of the 5-scholar union, represented by the board of administrators 2019-2020. For many who are nonetheless undecided about who to vote for, our election separation panel is right here for their views on scholar coverage and the candidates they’ve taken this yr.

The panel statements don’t mirror the statements of The Gateway. [19659002] Meet the Panel:

Jamie Sarkonak

Jamie Sarkonak was editor-in-chief of The Gateway in 2017-18 and has four years of expertise in college and scholar union information. Final summer time, he served as a journalist within the Edmonton Journal, overlaying all the things from crime to politics.

tVivian Kwan

Adrienne Faulkner

Adrienne Faulkner is a primary yr regulation scholar who previously worked as a statutory analyst on the Division of Advanced Schooling. She was first keen on a scholar board in 2017, when she was ailing at house and ended up in the boards of all of the candidates.


Meet Candidates:

  • Akanksha Bhatnagar is the fourth-yr political science and double head of sociology and present vice-president
  • Andre Bourgeois is a sixth-yr sociology scholar and present vice chairman (scholar life)

. Both with robust experience, the panel agreed that it is the most competitive competition this yr, and both Akanksha Bhatnagar and Andre Bourgeois would do a great job.

”This is among the favorite breeds as a result of you’ve two really good candidates,” Faulkner stated. "[Akanksha] has been proven to be achieved if he gets the stuff. But I think that Andre is doing a great job too." Bourgeois.

“I feel like he is stronger in a field where he can reach out to minority groups that may not be involved,” Kwan stated. "But Akanksha is ever stronger, only seeing his posters everywhere." For STRIDE, the Union of College students n initiative to extend scholar variety. Nevertheless, Sarkonak isn’t positive how Bhatnagar intends to do that.

Kwan stated each candidates have made good present leaders, and that these two are expert in several fields. He thanked Akanksha for his work on enhancing GovWeek, but added that there was loads of overlap with the 2 candidates' forum, resembling sustaining psychological health and postponement.

“I wanted to see a little more difference based on concrete strategies,” Kwan stated.

Kwan also needed him to get extra info from Bourgeois about how he plans to set up an office for corrective practices.

Sarkonak challenged how each candidates continued the Charter of Scholar Rights

Although Faulkner reiterated Kwan's earlier comment on Bhatnagar's give attention to variety, he stated that Bourgeois had a robust performance in the Campus Saint-Jean discussion board and that he might be extra prepared to cope with the difficulty particularly [19659002] The Bourgeois forum evaluates each Faulkner and Sarkon. Faulkner stated he was not convinced that he might comply with some of his platform factors, while Sarkonak didn't like how Bourgeois stated he needed to struggle college administration prices. He stated he shouldn’t be the president's focus, especially when there are provincial and federal elections

”Totally different universities current totally different price range strains in several methods, so it's arduous to say how much A's U has elevated his admin prices,” he stated. . “In addition, universities need administration. Say we have to fight against it … I don't know about it. ”

Sarkonak and Faulkner have been each impressed by Bhatnagar's influence. Sarkonak stated that Bourgeois has a variety of expertise, whereas Bhatnagar seems to have a stronger sense of what he needs to realize.

"It's very hard to say," Kwan stated. "I feel that their leading style is very different, so both ways who will be president have a different way to lead their executions, but in the end it is okay." who is the ultimate winner.

Last Judgment


Akanksha Bhatnagar – One Voice

Undecided – Two Votes

Ought to Gained

Akanksha Bhatnagar – Three Votes

Vice Chairman (Exterior)

Meet Candidates:

  • Robert Bilak is a 3rd-yr political school scholar and scholar council member.
  • Adam Brown is the Fourth Yr Bilingual

Faulkner, a member of the Department of Superior Schooling, began a dialogue on Vice-President (external) competitors, the place he was not notably captivated with any candidate.

”I don't assume they'll burn it on the bottom, he stated. "They both do a decent job, but nobody is really excited about this competition."

Faulkner praised Adam Brown as a politician, but criticized his confidence in quoting draft regulation 19, a regulation that binds a domestic scholar to inflation as considered one of his achievements.

“I can't see how he could have done much to make it really come true,” he stated. “This invoice was launched in October. She has been in the portfolio for just a few months now. He campaigned as if it have been something he did when it had been a number of work for his predecessors. "

Faulkner stated that Robert Bilak has some robust factors, but it isn’t as clear how he achieves a few of his objectives. in a portfolio comparable to enriching the scholar group, focusing on housing and providing college students with protected transit. if he absolutely understands the position. Kwan stated there was more transit via either operational or finance or scholar portfolios

Kwan added that since Brown has been within the position for a yr, he is "the safest candidate" for the job he

Sarkonak praised Brown for Increasing the Alberna Board's summer time employment program to last for an entire yr, and its perspective on resisting unionism amongst volunteer students, making volunteers pay for membership charges, which might jeopardize them financially.

However with regards to Brown's point of freezing worldwide scholar schooling, Sarkonak was much less generous, calling it an "impossible campaign point".

is considering who will select subsequent yr, he stated. – I mean, this is never occurring. Universities need larger international scholar schooling, which is not altering. You could have really troublesome legislation to freeze international schooling. ”

Kwan added the only means that freezing of worldwide college students would work if the provincial government coated the revenue hole, otherwise the scholars would see a reduce in university providers or a high premium after the funds have been frozen.

"I'm not freezing," Kwan stated. "But right now, it's just a band-aid."

As an alternative, Faulkner and Sarkonak praised Bilak for wanting to fix increases in international scholar schooling for inflation, which Faulkner stated was "ambitious but feasible." 19659002] As for Bilak's promise to be a vice chairman (external) with more presence on campus than a whole lot of time to spend, Faulkner stated that the upcoming election this yr just isn’t a yr, and students want someone who might be "there."

Remaining Judgment


Adam Brown – Three Votes

Ought to Gained

Adam Brown – Three Votes

Vice Chairman (Scholar Life)

Meet the candidates:

  • Jared Larsen is fourth Scholar of the Yr and current Chair of the HUB Group Association.
  • Shuaa Rizvi is a fifth-yr scholar and scholar councilor
  • Rory Storm is the sixth-yr drama president and former president of the Provisional Council U

Kwan, former vice chairman (scholar life), opened the talk by saying that each one three candidates are from this yr, have totally different backgrounds, Jared Larsen has develop into a residence, Rory Storm, who comes from the Brotherhood, and Shuaa Rizvi who come from the Scholar Council.

Nevertheless, he stated one candidate was totally different.

”I might say to date Jared felt that he was the primary candidate for the vice (scholar life), Kwan stated.

Faulkner stated he was considering each Larsen and Rizvi, and thinks they each do a great job. But Faulkner and Sarkonak agreed on Larsen's revenue by having an internet site with their marketing campaign info in the course of the conversation.

”He wins the advertising competitors right here, Sarkonak stated.

Rizvi and Storm even have websites with their platforms, however they have been solely launched after the panel assembly.

Based on Storm, Faulkner stated that "his heart is in the right place," but that his priorities are flawed.

”I take a look at his platform factors, particularly what he likes locally [building] and I'm simply considering: is that this something somebody requested for? "He said. "Once I take into consideration how scholar life might be better, it's not something that ever goes beyond my thoughts."

Neither panelist was bought on the Storm platform, which might be extra associated with the alumni group, because Kwan felt that

"What would we do differently than Alumni Association?" Faulkner stated that

Kwan and Faulkner thanked him for operating and praising a few of his concepts, reminiscent of his forum concepts, like his forum for level college students who are older

“I think he has a lot of great ideas,” Faulkner stated. "I really liked that he focused on some things that I might not necessarily think of as normal student life."

Nevertheless, Faulkner and Sarkonak agreed that Rizvi was not as ready as he might be for the vice chairman (position of scholar life). Sarkonak stated that the operation of the medical and counseling service has all the time worked to increase Rizvi's psychological well being advice factors.

All three panel members stated they want to see Rizvi operating back to the upcoming marketing campaign when he has extra time

”I feel [Rizvi is] someone who is a bit common at the scholar degree however does it half an honest job, and he has priorities straight, ”Faulkner stated. "He has a lot of weight on things like sexual assault I like."

As for Larsen, Sarkonak praised how critically he takes the portfolio of the vice-chair (scholar life) and focuses heavily on housing points, similar to lease will increase and high quality management of meals

”In case you reside anyplace, it’s a must to pay the lease and it all of the sudden rises, you could be straight open, typically, ”Sarkonak stated. "So all the remarks he has made to the places of residence are well deserved, and it is good that he does it."

Kwan also appreciated Larsen's want to work with cultural communities, and how Larsen seems to acknowledge the cultural obstacles round mental well being providers. His solely criticism, nevertheless, is the Larsen discussion middle, which supplies providers on campus, and doesn’t direct students to Alberta Health Providers, as Kwan believes that there are instances happening with AHS.

Last Judgment


Jared Larsen – Three Votes

Should Gained

Jared Larsen – Three Votes

Vice Chairman (Educational)

Meet the candidate:

  • Joel Agarwal is Fifth Scholar of the Yr of Biology and Professor of Science Scholar Council

Joel Agarwal, evaluating the only candidate for the vice (educational), Faulkner stated he had good ideas – like his concentrate on experiential learning. Nevertheless, he stated that Agarwal doesn’t appear to have a lot concrete plans and that he hoped to see more.

“It's hard when I have nothing to compare her to this race,” Faulkner stated. "[He’s] got the big shoes to fill, and I don't know if [he] can do that."

Sarkonak stated that Agarwal doesn't have numerous new things on his platform, he stated a big part of the vice chairman (educational) has already been outlined as a task, such as the participation of the Common Council, the University's highest educational determination-making body, and the students' considerations about their class experience. Because of this, he isn’t positive whether or not the brand new platform is of great importance.

Faulkner stated that VPA could make new initiatives, however he isn’t satisfied of Agarwal's campaign to comply with them.

The Agarwal Forum, Kwan, questioned why Agarwal targeted particularly on eliminating the fee value of an educational success middle, and never on other campus providers, and if there’s info displaying that college students are having hassle getting it.

Sarkonak stated that the Educational Success Middle is headed by a university, and the Scholar Union, Agarwal, is unlikely to make progress on this challenge. He added that the campus's college students have been provided other providers free of charge if the prices charged by the middle have been too excessive

Sarkonak was also not bought as Agarwal targeted on offering students next yr a better supply to the college by extending present workshops.

“During the first years of going to university, they don't see the things that say,“ Go to this workshop to find out the first year, ”Sarkonak stated. "They'll find out where to go on campus, and they'll be highlighted by over a million others."

Faulkner stated that a part of the university is learning from expertise and that "there’s nothing

What about Agarwal's want to broaden the scholar union GovWeek to advertise scholar governance, Faulkner stated he was not against it, but questioned if it was higher tips on how to get college students into administration than by means of GovWeek as a result of he doesn't see it as effective. . ”

The panel praised Agarwal's willingness to combine indigenous content into courses, however Faulkner and Kwan stated they have been an extended-term venture. "I'm just not excited."

Ultimately, when the panel was crucial within the joil Luke Agarwal's thoughts, Faulkner stated: "Ultimately, he does a good job." (action and funding)

Meet the candidate:

  • Luke Statt is the fourth yr firm

Just one candidate who ran for the competitors was not advised by Kwan or Faulkner that they have been enthusiastic concerning the competition.

”[Luke Statt] feels able to a person,” Faulkner stated. "Again, I'm not too excited."

Faulkner stated that Statt had good intentions, nevertheless it may need fallen in an uncontested competitors.

Sarkonak stated he appreciated how the Statt Forum remained vice-chair (operation and finance), while different competitions appear to have factors beyond their place.

Faulkner additionally thanked Statts for having thought-about a voluntary scholar affiliation challenge specializing in enhancing the profitability of scholar union corporations

. Though it isn’t on Statt's platform, he has introduced within the boards that he’s working on a brand new tax transfer.

This yr's proposed cost version would value college students $ 189 within the 2019-20 educational yr, doubling annually until it reaches $ 54 by 2021-22 and would have been used to resume amenities that are not state-funded on campus. sources. Nevertheless, the Scholar Council didn’t vote for a referendum proposal

Faulkner stated that Statt should work arduous on knowledge switch as it will be "difficult to sell" to college students, whereas Sarkonak stated Statt's supporting scholar area cost exhibits that Statt might not assume critically when compared to his college students' scholar council [19659016]. "I don't think he thinks too critically and he just wants to run with it because that's what you do if you want to be in the SU facility, do you agree with all the other people," Sarkonak stated.

Statt has also expressed his confidence in scholar consulting if the new cost goes on, what Faulkner just isn’t quite dangerous about, but he needed him to see Statt's harder answer about what he want to do with it.

“You are the one who answers this,” Faulkner stated. "You must be able to stand up to your position."

As for Statt's emphasis on straightforward-to-use communication in his forum, Kwan was additionally a bit crucial.

“He talked a lot about communication and the pursuit of students and advertising. SU, I feel that it shouldn't be a platform point, ”he stated. "You are pretty much bound to sell SU and represent SU."

Sarkonak stated that the worst factor he might do is "go hard" to pay for scholar amenities, noting that Statt did vote to pay a referendum this yr. Faulkner agreed, however believes that Statt can "keep anything running."

Ultimate Judgment


Luke Statt – Three Votes

Ought to Gained

Luke Statt – Three Votes

] Consultant of the Board

Meet the candidate:

  • Rowan Ley is the third yr Political school scholar and scholar council member of art council

When Rowan Ley turned a lone member of the board, a representative of the Supervisory Board, Faulkner stated that Ley had the opportunity to be a stronger candidate for work compared to some of his predecessors in recent times.

“He feels he would be more vocal and a little more powerful,” he stated. "Maybe he will lift the bar a bit."

Sarkonak praised Ley's willingness to do business towards the potential selections of the board of directors, the very best choice-making physique of the college, which can be towards the scholar's pursuits. He stated he had seen Colin Champagne successfully utilizing his techniques as a board member in 2016-17. The proposed meal plan for college kids dwelling in the place of residence was voted during his time period of office.

”[Champagne] took the actual numbers to the board, and it was sufficient to affect the board members in case you are convinced of your numbers,” he stated. "So if he's going to do this, fine, that's all we need."

Kwan stated that while a few of Ley's concepts are formidable, he appreciated his optimism for what he needed to do with the place. Faulkner constructed Kwan's comments and stated that although the candidates can’t know what they’re doing, if they are very formidable or desirable, he stated Ley seems to be qualified.

"Hopefully this optimism keeps her going, because dreams die really fast," Kwan stated.

When Ley's Forum was reviewed, Faulkner answered how Ley needs so as to add additional scholar seats to the board. Although Ley refers to Invoice 19, which added scholar illustration to other universities in Alberta, Faulkner stated it was a "compensatory" because these universities had fewer scholar credentials on their boards compared to A's.

"Do not go and be like" Oh, now we wish extra ", he said." Because they are going to be like "No, you have as much as anyone else, what makes you special that you should get one more?" "

Faulkner and Sarkonak added that Ley's concept of ​​working, he ought to be satisfied by the Ministry of Superior Schooling, to vary the relevant laws, which seems unlikely in their opinion. Faulkner stated that metropolis halls usually are not the simplest as a result of they make individuals go out of their solution to hear their voices and that Ley's concept of ​​doing research by way of social media could possibly be simpler.

Ought to win

Rowan Ley – Three Votes

Referendum: Aboriginal Op The Boarder

All three panel members had hassle discussing the aboriginal scholar council (ASC) referendum, which asks for an choose-out $ 1.00 per-time period charge to finance issues like extra cultural programming, awards and childcare for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

Faulkner stated he was unsure if his place was to touch upon the referendum, but added that he was serious about what the charge was proposing. He’s also pleased that the "yes" aspect of the marketing campaign has a more detailed breakdown of how cash is used by ASC, but stated he needed to see extra info later within the week.

"It seems to be the logistics this is, more than anything else," he stated.

Sarkonak stated he was keen on the fact that the tradition supports ASCs, and that he has no issues with cost of the levy, as a result of it helps college students on the spot, in different phrases

"I am the grass-roots level, rather than just the SU or with the University, saying, "We must help extra college students from indigenous peoples," he said. "Like no, finance the grassroots stuff that these guys need to do."

Sarkonak, nevertheless, stated that the ASC's plan to help students who are older is complicated

. There’s a drawback that the scholar and the mother or father are on the similar time, harder, ”he stated. “But is the purpose of the payment to support Aboriginal students in doing so? I do not know. ”

Sarkonak and Faulkner also discussed ASC's determination to receive childcare help for all students. Sarkonak stated that some would like something that may help especially Aboriginal individuals, and never one thing anyone might search, whereas Faulkner stated that supporting non-Aboriginal students might have been so much backwards, was it justified or not

Sarkonak stated later that the choice to open an help to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals might be that Aboriginal individuals who wouldn’t have formal Indian status can apply for it.

Kwan stated that the payment would assist a variety of Aboriginal college students and that the Scholar Union has mechanisms to ensure that monetary duty exists. Though Kwan agreed with different panels for a more detailed view, he stated that college students would not be capable of go for a payment in the event that they were not glad with the ASC proposal.

"I feel $ 1.00 isn’t a lot," he said. "I'd love to pay for it if I do know it is going to be one thing that basically helps help the scholar inhabitants."

Faulkner added that monetary duty can be a higher factor if the cost have been larger, but because it is $ 1.00.

Last Judgment

Will it do?

Yes – Two Voices

Not Resolved – One Voice

Is it Acceptable?

Yes – Three Votes

Authorized Providers for Students and CJSR

All three panel members stated that students should help the continuation of two payments. Scholar Legal Providers, which give free authorized help to low-revenue people, ask college students whether they still help $ 0.75 per time period. CJSR, a campus group radio station, asks college students whether they’ll continue to help $ 2.18 per semester for full-time students and $ zero.78 per part for part-time students.

“You can't go wrong with financing one, I think,” Sarkonak stated.

Sarkonak stated that students' authorized providers are useful given the price of getting a lawyer. Faulkner stated he had voluntarily studied authorized providers and "truly believes they are doing a good job."

Based on CJSR, Faulkner stated he had grown by listening to it and added that he was stunned to study later that it was a campus radio station as a result of he was impressed with the quality of station programming.

"I was like," Oh wow, that is accomplished by university college students, "he said. "It is really distinctive to other metropolis stations and in addition advantages college students."

Has it gone?

Sure – Three votes

Is it acceptable?

Sure – Three votes

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