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Four Sarawak borders have been changed

Four Sarawak borders have been changed

Half VIII (A)

Act354, PDA1974, EEZ Act1984, FA1985 and TSA2012 have severely violated the four boundaries of the coastal states of Borneo
pursuant to Article 2 of FC FC except 7FC. 9 occasions

for the good thing about the true constitutional historical past, legal history, geographical and political history of the Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Malay Alliance and the Malaysian Federation and Malaysia Settlement 1963 ("MA1963"). The annex, Malaysian Regulation 1963 ("MAct63") was added to the Malaysian Federal Constitution ("FC") in 1963, these 4 areas joined together or "merged" collectively or joined collectively to type the Malaysian alliance. Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore by no means joined the Malay Federation beneath the Malaya Settlement (FMA) in 1948 and 1957, and was named a brand new federal state in Malaysia as a brand new wine in the previous bottle, which was re-labeled if desired. It was the only and best rationalization for the UN's 18-year-old Common Assembly, understood by Tun (O) Ong Yoke Lin, however was utterly mistaken with the constitutional and legal history of MA1963. To avoid ambiguities, all FC modifications have to be in accordance with MA63.

1) Amendments to the original Article 1 (2) (b) and Article 1 (2) of Regulation No 354 are null and void. amend constitutionally and with out modifying the primary paragraph 63 of MAct63 and altering the identical unconstitutional standing of the present Article I.four with out changing the same article 9 and article 2 (a) of MAct63 first with three federal states ("FTs"), specifically Selangor with 11 MP seats (1973), Putrajaya 1 place in 2001 and second place to Labuan in 1984.

These FTs are "federal territories" [of Malaysia] unconstitutional and null and void Article 4 (four) isn’t the "other states" of the Federal Republic of Malaysia (1920) 1963, nor of the Malaya 1957 FM beneath Article 2 (a) or underneath the approval of other federal States. Interpretation of Article 160 (2) with out definition of "Territorie" or "Federal Territories". Based on the Statute, Article 9 of the MAct63 has been added to Article 46 and Article 66 (three) of the FC, since Article 161 (E) (3) needs to be amended and not amended by a compulsory modification to the MA1963 itself, specifically its Annex A , MAct63, and the remaining three signatories, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak, agreed on the phrases

Subsequently, the amendment of Articles 46 and 1 (four) by the ultra vires addition of the Federal and Malay Länder, which violated the "no two" "One third rule" after the Singapore Separation Agreement 1965 was unconstitutional and void by adding extra seats and never being owned by the Malay Länder and within the Appendix to the 13 Unconstitutional Workplaces underneath Article 1 (4).

Section 4 of the MAct63 added to Article I of the identical FC was not amended by the corresponding further settlement. three unconstitutional amendments, specifically the brand new Article 1 (2) (b) of Article I (2), the brand new Article 13 on Article 3 (3) and the removing of Singapore underneath Article 1 (2) (c) and Section 4; 2) c) Regulation 59/66, which, nevertheless, has not been appropriately and appropriately amended, but the Federal Authorities has, nevertheless, accepted a minimum of the constitutional requirement to amend paragraph four (2) (c) of the same article, which has been added to Article I (2). (c) FC's First. British refined legal professionals have designed these refined and subtly designed MAct63 constitutional elements

. (2) In accordance with Article 2 (a) and Article 4 (2) (c) of the MAct63, the withdrawal of Singapore was unconstitutional. admission 'does not embrace' exit '. For this ratification, a brand new Article 2 (c) 'Adoption of States Exit' is required.

3) Critical modifications within the 4 boundaries, specifically the territorial sea / waters. Continental Shelf, Exclusive Financial Zone and Coastal Borneo States Worldwide Borders of Malaysia Day 354, 1976, Oil Improvement Act 1974 (“PDA1974”), 1984 Exclusive Act (“EEZ1984”), 1985 Fishing Act (“FA1985”) and Territorial Sea Act 2012 ( "TSA2012") have been "5 offending acts" which have been extremely vires, unconstitutional and null and void in Article 2 (b) and its first order; and void the second degree 7FC; and illegally towards third degree, violates necessary provisions and rules of the United Nations Convention on the Regulation of the Sea of ​​1982 (UNCLOS), ratified by Malaysia and entered into drive on 14 November 1996. (19659002 4) It is imperative to amend violations of the strictest, established constitutional provision of Article 2 (b), which have a clear wording, "the law on the change of state borders [Sarawak or Sabah] shall not be given without its consent." states [Sarawak] (first expressed by the regulation of the state legislature (Sarawak) in actuality. Subsequently, at the subsequent session of the Council of Negeri, it should first be transferred to the municipal council by accepting the provisions of UNCLOS1982 on the 4 boundaries "Sarawak Border Issues." In response to Singapore, Article 2 (b) and its condition have to be added without worry of a two-thirds vote in Parliament on a hard and fast limit for the take-off and touchdown of a slender East-West band by army plane

Likewise, to guard Saraw and Sabah's O&G administration, of their order in the Council in 1954 (" OIC ") (change of borders) laid down their international boundaries, including these on the continental shelf, extending from a depth of 600 meters to 350 nautical miles in accordance with Article 76 of UNCLOS 1982. In reality, the number of their territorial waters / seas is decreased. only 1982-12 nautical miles in accordance with UNCLOS, confirmed by section 73 (5) "FC's current laws", nation code 1958, Article 162 (1) and (2) and OMO1958.

5) Conversely, Regulation A354 has been repealed unconstitutionally by Article 161c and 161D with out applicable modification, firstly by the Further Agreement on Article 64C of the MAct63 on Substantial Muslim Educating Help within the States of Borneo pursuant to Article 110, added to Article 161C and, respectively, Part 65 on Spiritual Freedom related to Article 11 (4), which is inserted as Article 161D. Articles 161c and D, which have been repealed unconstitutionally among the "wholesale" acts in a single day, ought to be reinstated. Six amendments to the country and other land have been proposed within the DUN

. Nevertheless, all of those main constitutional Lacunas and limbas have to repair and ratify appropriately the agreed constitutional modifications and procedures in a complete method. Article 162 (three) on the Malay Union and "to the extent applicable to the Malaysian federation", established in 1963 beneath the "Malaysian Federal Treaty", could also be added in parallel when dealing with officers.

27. Regulation 354 of August 1976 has infringed Article 2 (b), 7FC and 7PMsat three ranges. How?

(1) On the first degree, Act354 and TSA2012 seemed to look to switch the States of Borneo to the state of Malay, opposite to Article 66 (3) of the MAct63, an identical half added to Article 161E (3) prohibiting the Borneo states transfer of the status of the Malay Länder in relation to the change of the Home of Representatives quota underneath Article 46 of the FC, which was added to Article 9 of the MAct63 as "mother of FC." Why? , added to the articles of the Structure of MA1963 [Federal]and the constitutions of the states of Malay in 1957 and 1948 have been Grandma Reid and Sir Ivor Jennings, and a grand grandmother, so to talk. Articles I and 46 of the Treaty on European Union, were not constitutionally amended by a further treaty, as said above. are areas and have 13 unconstitutional seats within the Home of Representatives beneath Article 1 (4) of this FC (new but null and void) aren’t included in "accession of other States to the Union". In accordance with Article 2 (a), "State" means a "federal state of Malaysia" inside the which means of Article 160 (2) which does not embrace a "federal federal territory" which is a small nation that’s indifferent from a State with unique competence in a federal government. So federal states will not be states in any respect. They’re in constitutional lychees and limbos with financial pursuits and unconstitutional status for 13 MEPs who want comprehensive ratification with applicable and thoughtful modifications with out busy corporations by changing 2 (a) "Accept other states and [Federal Territories] to the union." [19659002] PDA1974 was adopted too urgently when Tun Mahathir's amendments have been needed to find Petrona's powers in 1985.

This modification shouldn’t comply with PDA1974's unfortunate additional time in Tun Razak's public company because of incorrect legality of advice on several Limited Liability Corporations, 7FC and 7PM to be ratified in 1985 to ratify Petronas' energy to take a position and make business gives after 11 years. After a number of years of authorized recommendation, returning the unique Article 4 on cash cost with a view to keep away from "payment wording". royal ”, which is another identify. Sadly, the Prime Minister, the doctor and his cupboard have utterly trusted their legal advisers. The present federal AG, which could be very closely entangled in the case of 1 MDB, will hopefully resolve these critical points with a purpose to relieve the Borneo States of the five violations which are primarily based mostly on Article 2 (b).

Act354, PDA1974, TSA2012, TSA2012 Tun Mahathir's Clock

(2) Second Degree Act 354, PDA1974, TSA2012 Security Motives of the 1966 Continental Shelf Act, 1966 Oil Mining Act and Emergency Laws 7 , 10 and 11 have been abolished in 2011 Outdoors the Tuna Mahathir's watch was unconstitutionally and illegally trying to scale back the supposed, truly bigger, space of ​​the territorial sea, the same as their international borders, till the UNCLOS1982 discount was 12 miles. kilometers from regional waters within the state of Malaya, after the alleged reduction in Article 66 (3) and Article 161E of the MAct63 (three

(3) Act354 and TSA2012 at the third degree have been handed over unconstitutionally and illegally with PDA1974 and others in search of to acquire covert a further 9 kilometers of 3 nautical miles of alleged rights for O&G, minerals and fishing. Legally acquire O & G's natural assets on land and offshore, which belong to the states of Borneo. together with land on land, Borneo Osava inside the boundaries of the caves and breaking the bottom Codes, OIC1954 and OMO1958, 7PM and 7FC

PDA1974 has, unconstitutionally and illegally, politically and geographically, changed dramatically since 1975 between all land and regional seas, 200 nautical miles and 350 nautical miles O&G assets. one kilometer from Sarawak and Sabah's power positions in O&G, which is finally shown in the "power" – "object" clause of the Petronas Settlement and Article three (1) of the Statutes, in response to which:

rights acknowledged in Article 2 (1) of the PDA1974.

Related Document in its Record, signed by Tun Rahman as Prime Minister without the Council's Negeri Information and Consent, Tun Razak's Misunderstanding and Encryption was only meant to show and persuade Tun Mustapha and Tun Fuad to amend Section 48 of the Sabah Land Regulation for 99 years completely similar 99 Article 13 (1) (a) of the Sarawak Country Code. It rejected them; so that the restoration of this incomes condition can be in order.

The three ranges of the established constitutional provisions of the four Sarawak borders have been unconstitutionally and illegally modified by Article 2 (b) of the FC and other 5 violations. How?

(a) This unconstitutional, void and illegal and thus invalid and unenforceable PDA1974 and the other 4 violations clearly made Sarawak and Saba an exception to Article 2 (b) for a singular first degree infringement. ) All the FC, which forbids Parliament to approve these federal laws by as much as two-thirds majority, if the Borneo states have not complied with the same offenses.

b) Degree 2 offenses have been in accordance with Article 4 (1), 76 (3) and (4), 80 (3) and 95D (prohibition of the adoption of legal guidelines on land by five non-violent acts designed to "promote the t , and 162, 7FCs. Territories with O&G, Legal Acts, as Article 13 of the FC (Obligatory Acquiring O&G with Truthful Compensation) was designed ab initio only for the appliance of the Malay Länder. Sarawak Municipal Regulation ('7PM') at its 4th border, specifically OMO1958, Article 162 (1) and (2) of the present laws en Maldan 1957 Merdekaa, § 32 (1), Art. 36 (2), Art. 209 (1) and legitimate only for registration beneath Article 112, Supplement 1956, Sarawak Interpretation Order 2005, and eventually Article 76 and different articles of UNCLOS. 5 the infringing act was never included into the municipal or state regulation of Sarawi and Sabah, in accordance with the provisions of Article 73 (5) (MAct63) and Article 2 (b).

Subsequently, these five infringements have been extremely vires, void and unlawful and subsequently unenforceable beneath Article 2 (b), apart from 7FC and 7PM; and couldn’t be transferred constitutionally to federal legal guidelines towards the states of Borneo by altering the 4 boundaries, because the Borneo states have by no means given comparable laws to 5 offending acts. The federal government must adjust to the municipal laws revealed within the coastal states of Borneo, first in addition to with the laws, in order that the Borneo states are released from the five crimes before they settle for the brand new federal legal guidelines, the worldwide authorized provisions of UNCLOS1982 "beneath the current (current) part 7 (5), 7PM: n and 7FCs

Holistic change is completely essential to amend Article I (2) and Artwork. The primary part four and 9 of Half 1 have been amended, FC's mom, who is intently related to one another, complies with Article 2 (a) and (b) and UNCLOS 1982. 19659002] We hope that each one Malaysian MPs, parliamentary committees, Borneo legal professionals and Datuk Liew Vui Keong rigorously seems to be at broader, deeper, important constitutional, right Consequences and Modifications to the Constitutional Lychees and Limbos, Not Simply the Deep Article 1 of the Skin (2) hol

Let the Borneo states have structural change and sovereignty, not just a business political function.

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