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Remembering Father's Day and the Return of Mackenzie McKee – Ashley's Reality Roundup

Remembering Father's Day and the Return of Mackenzie McKee - Ashley's Reality Roundup
Me, trying to watch the second episode of "Teen Mom OG & # 39; …

Take a break in search of your missing tooth and / or brushing a remedy horse, and choose the couch subsequent to Amber, it's time to interrupt out the latest episode of Teen Mother OG !

We start issues on Caten's and Tyler's farm (?), The place Cate's cigarette smoke seems to be particular, and the digital camera capture tries its greatest. disguise.

“Is April right here? I swear I can odor the tary scent of his chick! "

It's virtually Carlyn's 10th birthday, so producer Kerthy decides to talk to Celle how she and Tyler are dealing with the adoption concern with Nova. Cate says she keeps the dialog pretty delicate because Nova is just too young to know the state of affairs. He then saddles up on his remedy horse and drives off, leaving Kerthy to ask Tyler comparable questions on adoption.

I assume that the applicable aspect pouches are part of the therapy course of …

Tyler's recommendation to anybody contemplating placement of their youngster is to know individuals who need to undertake your youngster "very, very well". Tyler Carly's mother and father, BrandonN Teresa are "very wealthy people". (Oddly enough, but it is rather doubtless that for their big "Teen Mom" ​​rewards, Cate and Ty are far more "well-off" than BrandonNTeresa now.)

He additionally says that BrandonNTeresa is more reserved than he and Cate … ts ., they've never spent an afternoon cleaning their mom's (or dad's) jacket in the front room's Lazy Boy chair.

Tyler says that if he and Cat had had it, they might have had a couple who was relaxed and calm about issues like a sequence smoking, the US prison system and felony offenses.

On the reverse aspect, Tyler admits that BrandonNTeresa just isn’t more likely to know what they’ve been pressured to Tyler and Cate baby's start mother and father. I am positive that if Mrs. and Mrs. Whitebread would have recognized that they still explosive orally on television a decade after Cate and Ty met, they might h

Next, we assessment Cheyenne and his boyfriend Matt . It's the day earlier than Father's Day, and to have fun the vacation, Cheyenne says he plans to go away Matt at residence when he goes to lunch with Ryder and Cory . After taking her child dad to lunch, Cheyenne plans to take Matt to satisfy his dad and grandfather.

Whenever you need a free meal for Father's Day, but you haven't hit any women … yet …

Matt tells Cheyenne that he is fantastic, and Cory goes to lunch alone with Ryder and even reaches Cory. himself thanking him for sharing the “joy pack”.

I feel it's good … until he refers to Cheyenne, which is weird.

Later, Cheyenne meets Cory and Ryder virtually empty. restaurant for lunch. When Cory opened his Father's Day present on sweating, he and Cheyenne speak about their state of affairs and agree that Matt and Taylor are good at sports in their cool relationship.

“Thank you baby… and extra. "

Subsequent, we'll examine in with Mackenzie in Oklahoma Metropolis. Mackenzie makes an excellent first impression in the first & # 39; Teen Mother OG & # 39; in his view by swapping his seemingly faculty-age baby in the center of the Bronx's cheeky diaper whereas his daughter flees for a lip.


A sign of the coming.

The Mackenzie exhibit consists of (but isn’t limited to) the Bronx's above-mentioned loopy diaper, an enormous dog licking the table, and bronzing nails with a plastic water ball. [19659002] You really can't do this shit (not for pun)!

After coming back from that mess, we then see Mackenzie making an attempt to "work" on his laptop when his youngsters run around like animals. It's critical as a wild youngsters' menagerie.

"I'm Mackenzie, and you can see more of my life in the next few cycles," Mackenzie says.

Um … is it a promise or a menace?

The place can the robotic sound rely after Leah Messer graduated from Hooked on Phonic, Mackenzie tells us, "A.Lot.Has.Changed.Since.I.Was.On.Sixteen.And.Pregnant".

One Mackenzie is striving to develop into our era Jane Fonda. He's building a Jazzercise brand (or one thing) the place he uses the internet to inspire individuals to make leaping jackets … or something else. We study to study that Mackenzie's husband Josh continues to be "doing rodeo", which requires him to journey regularly.

"Are you joining me ?!"

Mackenzie's daughter rushes down the bounce-sized Prime Ramen field to the canine's licking desk. (Apparently, Mack's youngsters comply with Leah Messer's vitamin plan? There isn’t any doubt that Mack's pantry is full of ravioli cans, just ripe for the microwave!)

It is midday, so Mackenzie has finally corrected Josh to get up. because he wants somebody to leap. He shrinks his ear to wake as some Feral Youngsters roll by means of the home.

When Josh rolls himself out of mattress, he sits spell to take heed to Mackenzie's shouting that he made him see the youngsters when he should have completed "business." Josh appears like he needs to chew his ear off, so he doesn't need to take heed to Mack's bitch saying she needs to be the one to make youngsters' favorite Ramen lunch. [19659002] He has this entire dialog together with his eyes, mastered on an enormous degree. (Higher chill. Everyone knows that Ryan Edwards has a monopoly on "Teen Mom OG" eye failure.)

"Back to my title, bi-otch!"

Later, Josh talks to his father about his marriage. When his father praises Josh for crossing all the "rocky roads" with the Mackenzies, Josh only sometimes notices that there’s "a lot of cheating" in Rodeo.

Um … no one asked you that, however thanks …

In the meantime, at house, Mack is making an attempt to get the Bronx to take his cough drugs … to chase root cheese.

Somebody in the graphics division actually appeared to be on this pearl …

Next, we head to Indiana. , where yow will discover Amber and Andrew often occupying their couch cushions. As Amber's story is fairly bleak at the moment (which definitely gained't need to be addressed subsequent season), he tells Andrew that Leah needs his own Instagram account.

I mean, we've already spent the ENTIRE EPISODE watching Yellow get a blood check. What's left with the story? Amber shopping for tampons?

Amber segments begin to seem as a "Teen Mom OG" version of Wayne's World.

Amber thinks Leah is just too young to be on social media, particularly because she's grown up on television. Andrew means that Leah be given access to an alias on his account, like "Daisy Duke 29 or whatever" … because this identify would forestall creepy previous males from getting Liu's baby into DM. (19659002) (In addition, I am pretty positive that Farrah Abraham in all probability already utilizing this alias together with her daughter Sophia! "

" You and Farrah should really consider taking together to write a parenting book, Andrew! "

Amber decides to talk to Gary on the Instagram query as an alternative of counting on Andrew's "alias" concepts.

Subsequent we head to Tennessee, the place Maci and Taylor are planning their father's Day plans, which they don't embrace Ryan as a result of he hasn't reached them but, but as an alternative Maci, Taylor and Oopsie Child Brigade keep on their own plans and travel to Atlanta for the Bentley Baseball Event.

"Actually guys? Second episode that focuses on balls? I know he creeps back on that concept of ​​vasectomy! ”

Maci tells Taylor that she hopes to remember her father and present up content material with Bentley games, however neither of them likes respiration. Maci says that if Ryan happens to succeed in the final minute to make Father's Day plans, he's SOL as a result of his spending days are gone.

Maci tells producer Jen that Bentley doesn't anticipate Ryan to return to his video games. In reality, the youngster never even asks once more. Luckily, Ryan's mother and father Jen and Larry typically appear on the ballfield to help Bentley.

As well as, Maci makes this entire scene through the use of TTM's Jailbird line for the newest look.

"If things go south with the trial, I have covered you, Amber! You're the freshest prisoner in the pen! "

Once we verify again with Mackenzie McKee, we discover out that Josh's wife, one of the rodeo buddies, suffered to inform her that her husband had been making an attempt to select up a rodeo group at the bar and that Josh happened to be the wingman for his conquest.

Can we cease here for a second? If this lady's own husband was making an attempt to play "Hide a Horse" on some bar ho-bag, why wouldn't he try to give attention to it slightly than drill out Josh, who was a seemingly random sidekick on the ho-bag hook?

"Don't these girls have anything better to do with their time … like maybe robbing and continuing their career on reality TV?"

Mack admits that before they have been married, he and Josh have been each cheaters. and liars, however he says he thinks they are above all of this now that they are hooked up and raised with a variety of wild youngsters.

For the entire thing, Mackenzie questions his rock strong marriage once we just try to wrap our heads around the undeniable fact that rodeo teams are a thing.

A good friend of Mack says that if SHE had a husband (and it in all probability gained't occur as long as he's nonetheless making an attempt to get that haircut "to happen"), he wouldn't even belief his husband to do "rodeoing" as a result of it requires him to be away a lot and be cheating in familiar environments.

"Men LAKE Scratches, OK!"

Mackenzie vows to "get to the bottom of this situation" and lastly find out if Solely Josh has ridden a bronze recently!

Subsequent, we head back to Michigan, the place Tyler drives – a rarity in this present – to decide on Nova from faculty. On the means residence, Tyler tells Nova that she has picked up a cake to rejoice Carl's birthday. Nova is confused, and her friends, rightly so. She asks if Carly is coming to their house, and Tyler tells her that she gained't as a result of she's house together with her mother and father.

"Do His Parents Have a Million Animals Running in and Around Their Home?"

Despite the confusion, Nova receives affirmation that she's getting a cake for the whole lot that happens, so every little thing is ok in her end.

Back to Tennessee, we're sticking with Ryan and the Edwards crew. Jen and Mackenzie are thrilled to inform Jagger that it's her first Father's Day together with her father. (The stated father, by the method, stands as distant from his household as attainable and slips in the storage as he has a water heater or one thing else hooked up.)

Mackenzie says he and Ryan plan to go to a Bentley event like Jen and Larry. Jen says she plans to ask Mac if they will take Bentley residence after the recreation to have fun Father's Day. (Perhaps Ryan even agrees to return 20 meters away from Bentley to rejoice the occasion?)

Ryan in his pure habitat: behind bars ….

Again in Indiana, we see Amber name Gary to discuss getting Leah on Instagram. .

"What's up, big man?" He asks when answering the telephone. (I don't even need to know if it was behind his nickname once they have been collectively or what …)

Amber and Gary are both nervous about allowing Leah to social media.

“He's been on TV his entire life and individuals are taking advantage of it! “Amber says. (In fact we know Amber's skilled on the event.)

"Umm, yes, you are welcome to that, Amba!"

Amber suggests they allow Leah to have Instagram on Instagram at the age of 12, but Gary hesitates to agree. She factors out that Amber's life has been drastically influenced by social media and she doesn't want it to happen to Leah.

Amber admits to producer David that if Leah's whole life was not compared to tv, he could possibly be lighter by permitting Leah to do certain issues.

Later, Gary passes the news on to Leah after speaking to Amber and Kristina and Leah are fairly good at it. Something we don't do very properly is the incontrovertible fact that this was actually Amber's solely story on this episode.

"And you thought my vasectomy episode was going to be rough."

In Oklahoma City, Mack continues to reel after listening to the news of her husband's wingman. He sits down with Josh to get solutions and "clear the air." (Um, judging by the look of the house, it took quite a bit of Febreeze – and probably a bug bomb or two – to wash the air at that place!)

Mack hugs his (probably cheating) husband to speak about what really went to the bar while he was off rodeoing. We find out that Mack is basically indignant that Josh even went to the bar and "lied" about it with out telling him.

Hm …?

He tells Josh to "give him a chance" to elucidate "his side." . "

Josh explains that he" went to Billy Bob "(no, critically) for a couple of drinks when some ladies began talking to him and his good friend.

" We were just drinking and cheating on Billy Bob… "

Josh factors out that he didn't do something at rode wells, he was his good friend, however Mackenzie shouldn’t be pleased that he had to hear about the state of affairs from some place else.

Josh swears that "affection" was not proven. he stated. This man makes Corey Tyler growl to seem like the King of Revelation!)

Abused Josh murmurs that he didn't inform Mack to go to the bar because "Avoid the fight." He swears he won’t ever cheat on him.

Mackenzie tells Josh, there isn’t any cause to spoil what they have and he asks him if he informed him about these rodeo hoes in the future. Josh says "I don't know and Mack tells her that "you can’t stay with him in reply."

Josh gets the first time on this interval, the eyes brightness of hope, however it disappears virtually as quickly as he realizes that Mack does not give him ticket Kaoksen house.

"If I could wade you into the toilet, I would!"

With Josh, Mackenzie meets his mother and father in a abandoned park. She says she's had a troublesome time as a result of now that her mother Angie is going via cancer remedies, Mack feels sorry for going to her to buy women for bronchobar bars and what not. "19659002] Speaking of Mackenzie and Josh's confidence issues, the topic changes to Angie's cancer diagnosis. Angie tells Mackenzie that she will start a certain type of chemotype the following week, which she describes" for each affected person who has tried every little thing else. "

loopy "if chemo doesn't" make her better as a result of she wants her mother to be the "glue" that keeps her "broken glass" from the scorching mess life together.

Mackenzie can hear his mother say that he’s actually making an attempt to take chemo as a final resort. of his life, and someway Mackenzie can do it by himself. It's a capability!

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, it's lastly Father's Day and everybody, including Ryan and Mack, has proven up for the Bentley Baseball Event.

“Go Brantley-er, Bentley! I say this boy is a chip off the previous toothpick! “

Sadly for Edwards, Bentley is unable to go residence with them because he has another recreation to play followed by a golf event. Ryan and Mack assume Bentley is taking an excessive amount of and they want his schedule to be greater than Ryan's mouth: open!

"If he wants to go home, let him go home!" Ryan says (as he pours some variety of fried vegetable into his mouth).

He and Mackenzie talk about that Ryan can't speak to Bentley about his prison.

"I can't worry about 'hitting it too much,' he says." It will possibly't be repaired! "

Back to the bowling alley, Cheyenne's father Kyle – not to be confused with Cheyenne's sister R. WeSeriouslyStill —- begins to grill Matt about his feelings for Cheyenne and his parenting state of affairs with Cory. Throughout the dialog, Matt reveals that he loves Cheyenne.

"Do you have it on camera, right ?! It was practically a suggestion!"

Kyle then forces Matt to offer his definition of love and reminds him that Cheyenne needs to marry and pop some more Teen Mom OG star youngsters, Matt says he knows, that's why the whole Pinterest board is nonsense.

Subsequent, we return to Cate and Tyler's home, as they gather around the cake to sing a cheerful birthday to Carly – the "city girl" like Ca her father calls her – all while Nova sits there’s still confused about what's happening.

"Go on, boy … at least there's a cake."

Later, Cate tells Tyler that she ultimately needs to get to a spot where they will do one thing as a family on Carl's birthday every year. Tyler says it's fascinating to see how Nova and Vaeda react to Carlye's mother and father. He additionally admits that they by no means thought how they might explain Carly's adoption to their future youngsters. Our suggestion: Don't sit again and watch your MTV Reel Reel.

That's the "Teen Mom OG!" Of this episode

to learn Ashley earlier & # 39; Teen Mother OG & # 39; assortment, click right here!

(Photographs: MTV)

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